Outdoor Power Equipment for DPWs

Maintaining a city’s public spaces is a huge job — and one that’s never-ending. In the warmer months, the landscaping division of the parks and recreation department keeps the grass in check, trims the trees, and cuts back overgrowth on all city-owned property. And during the winter, the public works department is out in the cold making sure that people can get where they need to go safely after snowstorms and freezes. 

When these departments excel at what they do, the average citizen has no idea how much work really goes into keeping North Shore roadways, rights of way, sidewalks, medians, parks, and city cemeteries clean, safe, and beautiful. But we know just how big of a job it can be and how much manpower and outdoor power equipment it takes. 

At Maestranzi Bros., we supply outdoor power equipment for every season so hardworking Essex County DPW crews can get the job done. We also have an experienced team of technicians on staff who will keep your equipment performing like new year after year. 

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We Know Parks are More Than Just Lawns

Park maintenance involves mowing, weeding, edging, and fertilizing the grass, but there are also bushes and trees to trim, downed branches that need to be shredded, flower beds to prepare in spring, and leaves to deal with in the fall. After a snowfall, parking lots and paths may need to be cleared. 

Given all that, every Essex County DPW needs a lot of tools. Your workers probably regularly fire up lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, grass trimmers, chippers and shredders, tillers, and even snowblowers. In most cities like Beverly, MA and the surrounding areas, these are just some of the pieces of equipment needed for basic maintenance tasks. The investment is worthwhile, however, as a city’s parkland gives residents a no-cost way to get outside and get active. 

Maestranzi Bros. stocks a wider variety of outdoor power equipment so North Shore departments of public works can buy what they need and then have it serviced in a central location. Contact us to tell us more about your park maintenance needs. 

Helping You Keeping Roadsides Clear

The Department of Public Works is the only force keeping our roads from going back to nature. They trim, weed, and mow all city-owned roadsides, median strips, rights of way, and alleyways, throughout the year, so drivers and pedestrians can see where they’re going, rain can drain instead of flooding roadways, and the roads stay cleaner in every season. In some areas, crews do all this on powerful zero turn mowers while still keeping native wildflowers growing strong so developed areas can continue to offer useful habitats and food sources for native animal species. Tree limbs can also interfere with drivers’ ability to see pedestrians or to see traffic signs and signals, which means the regular removal of brush and tree limbs with chainsaws and hedge trimmers makes cities safer. 

Keeping up with roadside maintenance is a year round job. Late fall and early winter mowing and trimming can help with snow removal later in the season, and a spring trim can ensure roadways don’t get overgrown in the height of summer. If you have outdoor power equipment that needs to be serviced before next season or you need lawn mower repair, snowblower repair, or other outdoor equipment repairs, call us: 978-922-3509.