Housing Authorities

Outdoor Power Equipment for Housing Authorities

Every Housing Authority in Essex County has maintenance responsibilities — and plenty of them. Some of those are shared by public housing and affordable housing tenants, but the vast majority of them fall squarely onto the shoulders of groundskeepers and other maintenance personnel employed by the Housing Authority and the city. For example, while tenants may be required to mow their own lawns and shovel their own walks, the Housing Authority is still responsible for cutting grass, trimming trees and hedges, and snow removal on and around all sidewalks and common walkways.  

That means that each and every city Housing Authority around the North Shore has to keep and maintain a stable of outdoor power equipment, and that equipment has to be ready to go whenever and wherever it is needed. This equipment (which can include snow blowers, lawnmowers, trimmers and clippers, and leaf blowers) represents a big investment, but it’s one that’s essential for staying on top of the basic maintenance tasks that keep public and affordable housing looking like home.

At Maestranzi Bros., we supply outdoor power equipment like snow blowers and landscaping equipment to Essex County Housing Authorities, plus we have an experienced team of technicians who are here to ensure your equipment performs like new year over year. 

Call us at 978-922-3509 to find out more about how we can help you stay on top of grounds maintenance in every season. 

We Work with You to Keep Your Neighborhoods Beautiful

At its heart, public housing and affordable housing is simply housing, and the people who reside in that housing should feel proud to call it home. Residents can do a lot to keep up the appearance of a neighborhood, but as mentioned above, the Housing Authority usually does the bulk of the work — and it can represent a huge liability if that work doesn’t get done. 

That’s why it’s so important for Housing Authority Maintenance Departments to have the right outdoor power equipment and to keep that equipment safely stored and running year round. In fact, annual service is typically not just recommended but required for any equipment maintained by the local Housing authority. 

Maestranzi Bros. technicians understand that Maintenance Departments have unique needs when it comes to maintaining and repairing landscaping equipment and snowblowers. Quick turnaround time is typically essential because cities don’t keep extra equipment on hand. The outdoor equipment repair company will need to provide a record of service, and unless emergency repairs are needed, that service will usually happen on a regular schedule outlined by the Housing Authority or the city. For instance, all Housing Authority lawn mowers may need to be serviced between November and March while all snowblower tuneups will happen between April and September.  

At Maestranzi Bros., we know how important it is that Housing Authorities have high quality outdoor power equipment they can count on. We work with Housing Authority Maintenance Departments around the North Shore to make preventive maintenance of outdoor power equipment easier to schedule with our pickup and dropoff policy and emergency maintenance easier to deal with thanks to our quick turnaround time. Contact us to schedule an appointment whenever you need service or to discuss adding us as an authorized equipment sales and lawn mower repair or snowblower repair vendor.