Outdoor Power Equipment for Schools

Investing in local schools is about more than just hiring great teachers and keeping kids engaged. Grounds management is an important, if largely invisible, part of ensuring our Essex County schools are successful. The work that goes into caring for a school happens year round — which means that scheduling equipment tune-ups and equipment repair can be particularly challenging for the Department of Education and the maintenance staff at individual schools.

Preparation is essential when it comes to grounds management for North Shore schools, and part of that preparation is knowing that your outdoor power equipment will be ready to go when you need it — in every season. Whether that’s just after the first big snowfall of the year or at the end of summer when you’re prepping for the upcoming school year, every piece of equipment needs to work perfectly, every time. 

At Maestranzi Bros., we supply outdoor power equipment like snow blowers and lawn mowers to schools across the North Shore, and we have an experienced team of technicians on staff who will keep your equipment performing like new from one school year to the next. Call us at 978-922-3509 to talk about your maintenance and equipment needs. 

We Can Help You Keep Sidewalks and Walkways Safer

The snowfall in Essex County may be unpredictable, but the one thing you can count on is that snow will fall. That means your school’s snowblowers need to be in good working condition before winter hits and all the way through spring. Whether you’re dealing with that first early snowfall or an unexpected late season squall, your sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots need to be cleared as quickly as possible because snow becomes a huge liability when it stays on the ground. 

Whether you need to prep your gear for the upcoming school year or you have a machine down and need mid-season snowblower service, Maestranzi Bros. technicians will get your snowblowers up and running and back to you quickly on a schedule that works for you. 

We Know that in Grounds Management, Preparation Is Key

Proactive grounds management is important, and routine corner-to-corner maintenance is a year-round responsibility. Your schedule is set by the seasons and by the school year, and your district’s annual budget will also play a part in determining what grounds management looks like at your school. 

What doesn’t change year after year is the fact that keeping outdoor power equipment like lawn mowers, trimmers, and leaf blowers in good working order with regular scheduled tune ups is less expensive than the cost of unpredictable breakdown maintenance. By scheduling routine tune ups, you also avoid the consequences of unexpected equipment failure, like maintenance delays and safety issues, along with a lot of aggravation.

At Maestranzi Bros., we understand that the equipment you buy to care for your school is an investment. That’s why we work with North Shore schools to make preventive maintenance of outdoor power equipment easier to schedule and emergency maintenance easier to deal with thanks to our quick turnaround time. Contact us to schedule an appointment whenever you need lawn mower repair, snowblower repair, or any other outdoor equipment serviced.