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At Maestranzi Bros., we have a service capability that is unmatched in the industry! Our experienced team of service technicians will keep your equipment performing like new all season long. So if your equipment needs service, please call 978-922-3509 now to schedule an appointment. Pick-up and delivery in our service area will always be FREE for as long as you own your Maestranzi Bros. equipment.

Pre-Season Rates: In order to secure our pre-season rates for the following year (20% off our regular in-season rates), you must schedule your service prior to August 1 of the prior year. Your pre-season service includes all adjustments, lubrication, and maintenance described in both your engine and equipment manuals. We tune the engine, make all required repairs and install parts deemed necessary by us for trouble-free operation. LABOR, PICK-UP AND DELIVERY, AND ANY PARTS REPLACED ARE GUARANTEED FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. If any other part fails during that time, it will be replaced for the price of the part only. 

Pick-Up and Delivery Fees: If you did not purchase your machine at Maestranzi Bros., we would be happy to pick-up and deliver your equipment for an additional fee, as long as you live in our service area. Please call us at 978-922-3509 for aditional information about pick-up and delivery fees.

Please note: There are several brands which do not share their parts or service information with us (including John Deere). Please call ahead if you are unsure whether or not we can service your machine.

ALSO: The prices listed below reflect labor rates ONLY, and do not include parts.

Chainsaw Service IN-SEASON

Chainsaw Service PRE-SEASON

Chipper/Vac/Shredders Service IN-SEASON

Chipper/Vac/Shredders Service PRE-SEASON

Commercial Zero-Turn Service IN-SEASON

Commercial Zero-Turn Service PRE-SEASON

Hand Pushed Rotary Mower Service IN-SEASON

Hand-Pushed Rotary Mower Service PRE-SEASON

Hedge/ String Trimmer Service PRE-SEASON

Hedge/String Trimmer Service IN-SEASON



Large Tillers Service IN-SEASON

Large Tillers Service PRE-SEASON

Leaf Blower (hand-held & backpack) Service IN-SEASON

Leaf Blower (hand-held & backpack) Service PRE-SEASON

Leaf Blower (walk behind) Service IN-SEASON

Leaf Blower (walk behind) Service PRE-SEASON

Mini-Tiller Service IN-SEASON

Mini-Tiller Service PRE-SEASON

Self-Propelled Rotary Mower Service IN-SEASON

Self-Propelled Rotary Mower Service PRE-SEASON

Single Stage Snow Blowers IN-SEASON

Single Stage Snow Blowers PRE-SEASON

Small Tillers Service IN-SEASON

Small Tillers Service PRE-SEASON

Snow Blower Service IN-SEASON

Snow Blower Service PRE-SEASON

Toro 30" Mower IN-SEASON

Toro 30" Mower PRE-SEASON

Tractors, Riders, Wide-Cut Mowers, Z-Turns Service IN-SEASON

Tractors, Riders, Wide-Cut Mowers, Z-Turns Service PRE-SEASON